Lightwaves is a trauma-informed program for survivors of domestic violence that highlights writing as a way of healing: Participants write their own guided meditations, affirmations, and gratitude journals. Designed and taught for Ridgelines by local healer Terri Dennis, Lightwaves takes place  at Centre Safe, formerly the Centre County Women’s Resource Center. In the spirit of doing work that is holistic and multi-directional, Terri offers Lightwaves sessions to both clients and staff at Centre Safe: Lightwaves sessions are offered to Centre Safe’s Domestic Violence Survivor Support Group, as well as to their staff Wellness Group.


Lightwaves offers survivors of domestic violence—and those who serve them— tools to foster stress reduction, increase the pleasure and health associated with writing, and encourage emotional management and healing. These tools enable participants not only to develop healthy inner lives, but to participate fully in civic life.