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women identifying folks at an open mic

Artwork by Alyssa Ranker for Ridgelines

Roots & Blooms is a series of digital and in-person workshops, events, and open mics for women, non-binary folks, and other gender-marginalized writers of all ages in central Pennsylvania.

You can find information about upcoming offerings in this series on the Events page of our website and on our Facebook page.

Witness as Study_Roots & Blooms workshop at Rhoneymeade_Ridgelines_Oct 2021_4.JPG
Ananda Lima reading_Ridgelines_Nov. 1 2021.jpg
Witness as Study_Roots & Blooms workshop at Rhoneymeade_Ridgelines_Oct 2021_3.JPG

What Roots & Blooms participants are saying:

"What really worked for me in this workshop was being able to be in a group and learn from each other and also have time to learn on my own. Having the space to explore and listen to new parts of myself was nourishing."

"I enjoyed the teaching artist's guidance and calm, centered facilitation. She was encouraging, nonjudgmental, and terrific with giving feedback when folks shared. I liked her prompts and how she presented them. I also loved hearing stories from her past and culture. This was a gift and an inspiration."

Julie Johnson workshop class at Curtin Village_Ridgelines 2022.jpg
Julie Johnson at Curtin Village_Ridgelines March 2022.jpg


If there are technologies or services that would make Roots & Blooms programs more accessible for you or someone you know—for example large print materials, audio descriptions, or sign language interpretation—please let us know! You can drop us a line at We are more than happy to provide these and other services upon request!

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