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Mindfulness Writing at Centre Safe

Mindfulness Writing at Centre Safe is a trauma-informed program for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault that highlights writing as a way of healing. Taught by local writer and Teaching Artist Carolyne Meehan, Mindfulness Writing takes place at Centre Safe, formerly the Centre County Women’s Resource Center. Mindfulness Writing at Centre Safe sessions take place on a monthly basis with Centre Safe’s Survivors of Domestic Violence Support Group, Survivors of Sexual Assault Support Group, as well as with the Centre Safe staff Wellness Group.

Carolyne describes a typical Mindfulness Writing gathering in this way:


"We make lists, we set intentions, we write prose, poetry and narratives. We talk about the powerful act of paying attention. Sometimes we take a pause to close our eyes and tune in to our breath with creative meditations. We use writing as a way to notice beauty and to help us see the simple joys in our everyday life. When we set the timer for 5-7 minutes, grab a quick writing pen, and let our words spill out on the page, it is both gratifying and revealing to see what stories have taken shape."


Mindfulness Writing offers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as those who serve them, tools to foster stress reduction, increase the pleasure and health associated with writing, and encourage emotional management and healing. These tools enable participants not only to develop healthy inner lives, but to participate fully in civic life. 


Carolyne Meehan teaches a digital Mindfulness Writing session.

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