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Supporters & Donors 

Ridgelines receives generous support from individuals and granting agencies. We are grateful to all those who enable us to work towards a central Pennsylvania in which imaginative acts have public consequence, in which the language arts are valued as critical forms of information, and in which everyone has equal voice.




Ridgelines' 2022 programs are supported in part by the Centre Foundation's J. Alvin and Vera E. Knepper Hawbaker Memorial Endowment Fund; by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; and by a 2022 Challenge America award from the NEA. To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit



WRITERS ($300-$500)






STORYTELLERS ($100-$250)




We're honored to receive Community Business Sponsorship from these generous local businesses who support our mission and enable our programs to thrive! To learn more about our Business Sponsor program, drop us a line at

In 2020 Ridgelines was awarded the Pennsylvania Library of Congress State Literacy Award.

2021 INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT PROVIDED BY (updated 2022 list coming soon!):

PATRONS ($1,000-$3,500)


Judith Minor & Bobby Stiklus


FRIENDS ($200 to $999)

Paige Arthur

Stephen Beckerman

Andrea Commaker & Jim Levin

Hwozdek Family Giving Fund

Mildred Hwozdek

Julia Kasdorf

Shannon McWhirter

Kelly & Jeffrey Sorg

Jennifer Anne Tucker

Samuel & Anne Walker


SUPPORTERS (up to $199) 

Georgia & Kevin Abbey

Delali Agawu



Magali Armillas-Tiseyra

Robin Becker, in honor of Abby Minor whose tireless work makes the language arts relevant to all

Lisa Beherec

Meri Bittner

Katie & Andrew Bode-Lang

Rebecca Bragg & Asa Myers

Charles Brua

Jill Buchanan & Scott Peterson

Stacey Budd

Maria & Nicholas Chelko

Julia Croche

Karen Dabney, in memory of Laura Johnson and Allan Bowers

Leyland del Re & Ben Hartland

Ann Docken

Alexis Drobka

Mary Dunn

Shari Edelson & Scott Dennison

Lori Edmunds

Betsey & David Eggler

Beth Ewaskiewicz

Benjamin Fehl

Andrea Ferich & Annie Elderberry

Deborah Fisher

Martha & Byrd Futhey

Linda Goncalves

Betsy Green

Barbara & Innocenzio Grignano

Deb & Dan Grow

Jenny Guth

Dana Harlan

Robin Harlan

Debra Heller

Heather House

Michelle Huang

Erica Husser & John Spargo

Jennifer & Rick Jacobs

James Kalsbeek

Gordon Kaufman

Whitney Keiter

Molly Kunkel

Barbara Lange

Fernanda Lugo

Nancy Lupton, in honor of Casey Wiley

Rachael Lyon & Casey Wiley

Shih-In Ma, in honor of the part who longs to be heard in each of us

Dianne & Douglas MacAdam

Gregory & Shannon MacAdam

Jeff MacAdam

Annie-hannah E. Mancini

Michelle Marchetti

Lisa Marshall & Larry Wolken

Shara McCallum & Steve Shwartzer

Susan McFadden, in memory of Laura Johnson, in honor of Meri Bittner

Dave & Marilyn Meehan

Abby Minor

Rebecca Minor

Nicole & Tim Miyashiro

Andrea & Chris Murrell

Katie O’Hara-Krebs & Andrew Krebs

Robyn Passante

Lee Peterson & Steve Sherrill

Ashley Pipe

Josephine Pirrone & William Brusse

Alyssa Ranker

Lisa & Dale Rivera

Jean Roman

Sammy Sass

Theresa Shay

Laura Simon & Maia Lindsay

Norrine & Richard Sims

Catherine Smith, in memory of Keith Dowdy

Lauren & Ian Smith

Loanne Snavely

Dana Stuchul

Julie Swarstad Johnson & Luke Johnson

Long Trinh

Christopher Uhl

Christine Tyler

Roberta & Nicole Ventrillo

Mary Vollero

Jody Whipple

Pat & Ken Wiley

Karen & Phil Yanak

Kerri Zelman

Evangeline Wright

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