Poetry for the Future is a collaborative series of poetry writing workshops for queer and trans youth residing in Centre County. Workshops throughout the school year are led by Ridgelines Teaching Poet Brooklyn Leonhardt and take place with high school GSAs and other queer-friendly youth groups. In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic halted in-person programming, Leonhardt collaborated with Ridgelines to design and distribute a Creative Wellness Workbook for local LGBTQA+ youth and allies.


Poetry for the Future workshops have also taken place digitally with nationally-recognized poet Nico Amador. Nico's teaching invites young people to unleash their imaginative powers and explore language and poetry as a grounds for investigating their voices, identities, and perspectives on the world around them.


In developing Poetry for the Future, Ridgelines is responding to the lack of platforms for queer and trans youth voices in our region, as well as to the dearth of expert, extracurricular creative writing instruction for youth in general. This program is in collaboration with the Centre LGBTQA Support Network and is supported in part by the Centre Foundation’s Centre Children’s Fund.

Plans for a Poetry for the Future summer program, as outlined below, remain on our radar although on hold. Please check back for updates!

Poetry for the Future is made possible by generous support from individual donors, as well as from the Centre Foundation’s Centre Children’s Fund.