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Use Your Words!
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A podcast brought to you by Ridgelines Language Arts


We bring the stories, poems, songs, and voices of our program participants to the central PA listening region and beyond through our podcast series, Use Your Words!

Episode 1: “Being Heard” at Centre Crest


The first episode of Use Your Words! was recorded at Centre Crest Nursing Home, located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, and features members of the Centre Crest “Being Heard” poetry writing and storytelling group. Centre Crest is home to over 200 older adults from diverse backgrounds. Listen to the writing group as they share stories and poems that span many decades, places, and experiences.


This episode is dedicated to Steve Fink. 

Ridgelines Podcast 1- Centre Crest - Unknown Artist
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Use Your Words!




Podcasts featuring local Language Arts!

Schlow Library Espisode 41:

A Poem in Our Eyes

episode-41-a-poem-in-our-eyes.mp3Schlow Library Podcast
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