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“The popular perception is that art is apart. I insist it is a part of.” C.D. Wright

We provide language arts programs in diverse settings outside of academic institutions. Our program schedule changes in response to needs in the community, availability of our teachers, and specialty grants and donations. Some programs reoccur every year, while others are special one-time events. Our core programs are free to all participants:

Roots & Blooms

Being Heard 

A Poem in Our Eyes

Imagination Club at the BYC

Poetry at CCYC

Mindfulness Writing at Centre Safe

Life Out Loud

Poetry for the Present

Small-But-Mighty Poetry Library

Theatre of the Oppressed

If you have an idea for a program, would like to host a Ridgelines program at your site, would like to sponsor a specific program, or just want to learn more, please be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you, writing with you, singing with you, and sharing stories.

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